Hannelore Brun is a college student working towards a degree in linguistics psychology.

The purpose of this website is to share her music, art projects and writing compositions.

Hannah currently does music gigs part time and is working towards recording her first album. Hannelore began playing the piano at age 4. At the age of 11 Hannelore was presented the opportunity to learn cello from Olive Chen. Hannelore was a student of cello until the age of 17 and still plays the cello with various orchestras, local groups and events. At the age of 15 Hannelore began teaching herself guitar and also began writing her own lyrics. In addition to writing music for a band, Hannelore composes music to be played by a symphony. Hannelore had the honor of playing with the Fishers of Men Lutheran Church youth band and it was there that her passion for singing was ignited.

To listen to a few tracks go to the “Music” tab on the website.