by Hannelore Brun


Music has been a primary driving force throughout my life. As a child I began with piano at the age of 4 taught by my father who plays the piano as well as the pipe organ. Piano provided a solid foundation for me to expand and learn the cello at the age of 10 and join orchestra when I began Junior High. After having been in orchestra for four years I decided to try and teach myself guitar. I saved up, picked one out and promptly let it collect dust for the following year. After finally dusting it off and spending a summer teaching myself I began to write "songs". My love of performing began when I joined a band with some fellow musicians and friends during my high school years. Through this band I learned drums and bass guitar. Since graduating I have been working on recording and continuing to write as well as going to College.

My goal with music has always been to simply write what is on my heart and share it with the world in the hopes that at least in a small way it could have positive impact.